11+ and Selective Grammar Schools

If you want your child to go to a selective grammar school after their primary school years, they will need to achieve the pass score in what is commonly known as the '11+'.   This is a selection test that grammar schools use to help allocate places, although this does not guarantee a place, and it is undertaken by pupils right at the start of Year 6.  A recent change to the Admissions sytem means that you will now know the result of the test before you make your final application .

Heswall Primary School takes the 11+ test very seriously as we are aware that so many of our parents want their children to have the opportunity to apply to a Grammar School.  If you are considering the 11+ for your child and would like some more advice, then please speak to your child's class teacher.  Applications to do the test are completed during the Summer term of Year 5.  
The new 11+ test will be administered from September 2016.  If you need further information, please speak to Mr Lawrenson who will gladly answer your questions.