Our way

At Heswall Primary School, we recognise that the modern world can be hectic and stressful for everybody.  To ensure that we can support our children and their families to the very best of our abilities, we use our Heswall way of doing things.  Our aim is to help children reach their potential by nurturing their social and emotional needs alongside their academic potential . We are a 'no shouting' school and as from September 2017, we have introduced a 'Learning Mentor' role.
Our Learning Mentor, Mrs Diane Burns, provides social and emotional support and guidance to school pupils to help them thrive in school.  Our Learning Mentor helps pupils overcome behavioural, social or emotional challenges that are affecting their learning.  Mrs Burns runs small social skill groups, one to one sessions, yoga and mindfulness sessions before and during the school day.  The aim is to help find solutions to possible barriers to improve the children's ability to learn.
We have our 'Focus Room' that children can visit at certain times of the day and there is also a box for children to post their worries.  Our aim is to do our best to make sure the children are happy in school.  If the children are happy and have excellent teaching, they are much more likely to not only learn but remember what they have learned.  Our school ethos of 'Better Never Stops' uses the principles of growth mindset to achieve academic excellence with careful social and emotional support.  Our children consistently make excellent progress.