Curriculum Overviews - Autumn Term 1 2019/20

The major focus of our curriculum is to have purpose. Our topics will now begin with a probing inquiry question, which may embrace many curriculum areas. This will allow a depth of learning. For example; rather than teaching ‘Ancient Greeks’, we will ask, what is a legacy? This could allow elements of many other topics to be covered.

Every child should understand the relevance of what they are doing and why. Beginning each topic with a trip, event, book, national event, visitor etc will be a key feature of every topic.

Ensuring the children have a thorough knowledge of the history and geography of their local environment and the opportunities it offers we feel is vital.

The United Nations Global Goals are key to the schools curriculum.  We use them to help children empathise with global and more local issues and help children realise that they can be agents of change with the knowledge and skills that they learn in this curriculum.