FAQ regarding Isolation and Testing

Q. What are the three main symptoms?
A. A raised temperature, a new persistent cough or loss of taste.  You must isolate for these immediately until you get a negative test result.
Q.  Can my child attend school after having a PCR test but we've not yet got the result?
A.  If they have one of the main symptoms then no.  We only advise that children with the main symptoms should take a PCR test.  The entire household must immediately isolate and stay isolated until a negative result is received.
Q.  My child has a cold.  Are you making them stay at home?
A.  We are only asking children with the three main symptoms to stay off and isolate at home.  If your child does not have these symptoms then they can come in with a cold if they are well enough.  
Q.  Can I test my child using Lateral Flow Devices?
A.  No.  The current advice is that the lateral flow devices are to be used by the adult members of the households of primary school children.  They are not for the primary age children to use.
Q. My child is warm/hot.  I'm sure it's nothing so I'm going to send them in.
A. No.  This child needs to have a PCR ASAP and the entire house must isolate until a negative result is received.
Q. My child has been coughing.  I'm not worried so I'm sending them as I think it's just a cold.
A. No.  If the cough is persistent then the entire household must isolate and a test is needed.
Q. My youngest child has a temperature.  I don't think it's anything to worry about though.  Can their older sister come to school? 

A. No. The entire house must isolate until a negative 
Q. My son has a cough but I've tested them with my Lateral Flow Test.  It was negative so can they come in?
A. No.  Your child should not use a lateral flow test.  They need to have a PCR test from a test centre or by requesting a postal test.  If it is a new persistent cough then the entire household must isolate immediately and stay isolated until a negative result is received or until the 10 day isolation period ends.
Q. My child has diarrhoea.  Can they come in?
A. No.  A child with this condition should stay away from school until 48 hours after the last bout of diarrhoea. 
Q. My child was hot last night but they are okay this morning.  Can I send them into school?
A. No.  A test will be needed, isolation will be required until a negative result is received. A temperature is one of the 3 main symptoms.
Q. It is ridiculous that children could keep missing lots of school.  It's probably not even COVID so I'm sending them in.
A. Please don't. We have a strong risk assessment and we follow national and local guidance.  We want the classes to all be open and we want all children in the classes. We cannot take any unnecessary risks though.  We will continue to follow all guidance and will remain vigilant.  It will help everyone feel safer.  This includes staff in the building and help other parents worry a little less about COVID bring spread too.  
Q. I've used a lateral flow device on my child and now I've been advised to go to a test centre too by the school.  Why have you done this?
A. It's because the school has been advised that children should not use lateral flow devices and we are to direct all children with the three main symptoms to a symptomatic test centre.  We do not know if the test centres will be happy with the lateral flow result or not and will probably conduct a much more sensitive PCR test instead.