Google Classroom

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Remote Learning Provision

As you know we elected to use Google Classroom to support our remote learning, when we returned to school after Easter. This has proved to be a very successful teaching and learning platform and has been used consistently to support any children who were isolating last term. Following the directive from Boris Johnson yesterday, we will be providing a full curriculum on Google Classroom for all remote learners from tomorrow, until the end of lockdown.  

What will remote learning look like?

The remote learning provided will align, as closely as possible, with the learning that takes place in the classroom.  Your teachers will be using the knowledge and skills from their medium term planning to ensure that every child accesses a ‘broad and balanced’ contextualised curriculum, regardless of whether they are learning remotely or in the classroom.

Lessons will vary in content and delivery – they may include; power points, access to video clips, short recorded teaching bursts, hyperlinks to teaching resources, guides to practical activities and worksheets. Whilst preparing every lesson, your teacher will have given careful thought to how their lesson could be followed in a home environment.

Will there be live lessons?

As teachers will be facilitating lessons in the classroom, as well as delivering remote learning on Google Classroom, we will not be providing live or full recorded lessons at this time. However, we do hope to include elements of pre recorded sessions for the children in forthcoming weeks. We would also encourage children to interact, in an appropriate manner, on the class streams to discuss their work. Some of the work set will require online access and we would urge you to ensure that your child is accessing the internet safely at all times.  

When will lessons be available?

Teachers will post work and links on the Google Classroom in a remote learning file, every day. Some teachers may do this on a daily basis, others on a weekly basis, depending on the curriculum they are delivering or the needs of the children. Daily lessons will always be available from 8.50am. In Years 1-6, at least 3 hours of work a day will be provided, in line with government directives.

How do we send work back to the teacher?

Once your child has completed work, you can return it via the Google Classroom to the teacher. The document attached to this email reminds you how to do this. Your child’s work will be marked and returned with feedback. Some teachers may provide you with marking sheets, so that you can assist your child with marking their work, before returning it to the teacher.

We know that many families will find it difficult to follow the structure of a school day and although some teachers may give suggested timetables, you can change lessons around and adapt lessons and content to suit your family situation.

Although we have been following Google Classroom for some time, it is still an approach that is developing and as a staff we are learning new ways and techniques to support learning virtually.  Please be assured that a great deal of careful thought has been given to creating remote learning that we feel gives children at home and at school, the same inspiring and purposeful opportunities to learn.


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs N Bolton, Deputy Headteacher