Bereft after a year at school

The right one sighs, the left one slumps
Comparing scuffs and scrapes and bumps

A year of battles, playground pacts
A year of daydreams, whispered chats

A year of friends, a year of foes
A year squeezed round ten growing toes

A year of plodding to the gates
A zig-zag path – never straight

A year beneath a school-room chair
While I’ve been here, and you’ve been there.

Today I passed them in the hall
Those battered shoes you wear to school

I stopped a minute on the way
And thought I heard the left one say:

We’re off to Malta for some sun
It’s been a blast – super fun

The truth is though, we’re old and tired
We’ve done our bit – now we’ve retired

Remember us, when next year beckons
Take a moment, pause a second

To think back on another year
While you’ve been there, and we’ve been here.


© Katie Gregory​/There We Go 2018



Two Battered School Shoes




Your child will have seen so much change over the past year so let’s make their transition into their new year group as easy as possible.  I have attached lots of helpful resources to make the next steps a little easier.  
Did you know that resilience can be learned? Although we can't control what happens in our lives, we can build skills to help us deal effectively with challenges, recover more quickly and even grow as a result.