Possibility Assemblies

2nd March 2015
During the last term, we have been inviting parents into school to talk to our children about their careers.  So far we have had a GP, a Nurse, a Psychiatric Nurse and a Health and Safety Officer. The parents have given short talks about the subjects they worked on in school and how hard work got them to where they are now.  The purpose of the assemblies is to convey to the children that there is a world full of possibilities out there, about which they are mostly unaware.  Our children have reacted so well to these assemblies that we would love them to continue as long as possible.  Should you volunteer your services for a ten minute talk, the children  will listen carefully to you and then ask you a range of their own questions about what you do.  Please contact the school office if you would like more information.  We promise it will be an enjoyable experience for any volunteers.