Our EPIC Curriculum

The staff of Heswall Primary School spent time discussing how we wanted to shape our curriculum.   We thought about the qualities that would act as drivers when developing an EPIC curriculum.
Through the process of Enquiry our pupils learn about the Possibilities that life has to offer.  Pupils work with high levels of Independence and display high levels of Commitment.
These are the qualities that we believe will help our pupils to embrace an ever-changing world and they are the drivers to what we want our curriculum to deliver.
Enquiry - This when the children go out of their way to find out more about their learning.  It could be by researching in books or on the internet or by visiting places of interest in their own time.  It may even include meeting people with specialist knowledge or experiences.
Possibilities- This is when children become aware of the purposes of their learning and learn  what they can do with their skills.  It becomes even better when children realise the possibilities for themselves - creating excitement and interest.
Independence-  We will support, inspire, scaffold, prepare and develop resilience so that the children eventually have the confidence to become independent learners.
Committment - If children sign up to do a club or another activity, they will try their best to stick with it.  We value commitment as a key quality to becoming the very best versions of ourselves. 
E= Enquiry  P=Possibilities   I=Independence   C=Commitment