Heswall Primary School PTA

Our parent and teachers' association  (PTA) is open to all parents, grandparents and carers with pupils at the school.  We organise and run many events throughout the school year - some for the pupils, others for families, and some for just the adults.

With the support of parents, grandparents and carers , we have organised discos, Christmas fairs, after school events, summer fairs, Easter extravaganzas, quiz nights, and camping events on the school field.

Through running these events, we raise money for school.  The funds that we raise are used to enhance and enrich the pupils' experience whilst they are at Heswall Primary School.  The PTA has funded many school trips, bought equipment for the classrooms, helped furnish the library, and purchased PE equipment (to name but some). 

In order for us to do this, we need the continued support of parents, grandparents and carers at our meetings and events (we do hold many meetings in the local pub- if that helps!).  We look forward to seeing you soon.