School Admissions and Applications


If you are looking for a school place for your child to start Reception/F2 Class from September 2021, you can apply online using the link below.  Please be aware that like most other schools, Heswall Primary does not conduct its own admissions - this is dealt with by the Primary School Admissions Team in Wirral Council.  Applications must be made by January 15th 2021 at the latest.  

If you are applying for places from Reception/ F2 to Y6 during the current school year (outside of the normal F2 admissions procedure),  please contact the school on 0151 342 7491 to ascertain whether places are available.  You can find a paper application form to be completed in the links below or you can visit Wirral Council's website. 

If we have available spaces and you have placed your application with the local authority, they will contact this school with your details and we can arrange a start date for your child.  You will also need to complete Heswall Primary School admission forms that will be provided to you at the school office.

Heswall Primary is a popular and oversubscribed single form entry school.  Our Reception (F2), Y1 and Y2 classes are limited to 30 pupils per class.  The 30 pupils per class limit does not apply to children in Years 3-6.  This limit is determined by the school governors.  Certain qualifying criteria is exempt from these limits and can be found in the Wirral Council Admissions Policy. 

Parents can seek direct advice from the Local Authority admissions team on 0151 666 4600. For more information about primary school education in Wirral and Heswall's admission criteria and numbers, see the link below.  

If you are still not sure and would like some advice, please call the school office here at Heswall on 0151 342 7491 and we will gladly help you if we can.