Local schools

Parents in the Heswall area have a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing a secondary school for their child. Our simple yet basic advice is to visit as many schools as you can.  You will probably know whether a school feels right for you and your child as you are walking around it.  Our children can feed into as many as nine different secondary schools.   We have added a number of links in the next few pages to help you visit the websites of some of those secondary schools.

Parents have important choices to make.  Are you considering Grammar Schools?  If so, then your child must undertake and achieve the appropriate score in the 11+ tests (see 11+ tab above).  There are also a number of schools that administer their own admissions examinations or criteria which are completely separate from the 11+.  These schools include St Anselms, Upton Hall and Birkenhead High School Academy.