The Open Plan

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Open Plan

Year One and Two work in an open plan environment.  This may seem a strange concept to some people but it really works incredibly well!   Open plan works like this: instead of having lots of individual classrooms, Year One and Two have no wall between their classrooms.  Each class has its own bay, which is a small teaching room where much of the teaching input is done.  Children complete their independent work in their class area.   There are a huge number of benefits to open plan in our Key Stage One teaching area that are listed below:

1. There are lots of adults in the area.  This means that there are lots of people to help and support the children.  This results in good standards and excellent behaviour.

2.  Transition between classes at the end of each year is very easy for the children as they are already very familiar with their surroundings and the adults in other classes.

3.The children are not restricted by space, which means it is easier to work in groups between the classes as we do for Literacy lessons in Key Stage One and for Creative lessons across the school. 

4.Teachers can team teach.

5. The teaching bays are wonderful carpet areas fitted with computers and screens.

6. Co-operative learning.  Our children are used to working together and the layout means they develop important social skills.

Children in Pre-School and Reception along with the whole of Key Stage Two have their own classrooms  and are not open plan.