A very special curriculum

At Heswall Primary School, we don't just deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum but we have key values and drivers that we feel make our school a unique and exciting place to learn.
We knew we wanted to be more environmentally focussed when we found 26 disposable plastic bottles in the drinks tub in one classroom.  We were already an eco-school but we knew that in order to change the culture properly then we needed to review our curriculum to make sure that the values we held dearerst were reflected in our curriculum.
After a long discussion with staff and children, we set out what we wanted to underpin a vibrant and exciting curriculum.
  • Our curriculum must be purposeful and inspiring.
  • Children should to think deeply following a growth mindset.
  • It should be dynamic and reflect to events locally and globally.  If major things are haopening in the world then we should consider using them in our lessons.
  • To know that children can make a difference - to realise they can be agents of change.
  • Children should be able to make emotional connections to the curriculum.  We want to teach them compassion and empathy and want our staff to deliver the curriculum with these qualities.
  • We want the curriculum to be underpinned by drivers agreed by staff.  The drivers were the following:  Enquiry, Possibility, Independence and Commitment.