Business Links

In order to highlight to children that skills learned in school have a purpose in the real world, we have made a number of business links within the local community.  Our children have visited local garages including Heswall Tyre and Test, restaraunts such as Pizza Express, shops including Tesco and Sainsburys and bookshops with Linghams.  As part of their Creative Curriculum learning, our children have visited Jaguar Landrover in Liverpool to see how cars are designed and built.  Lookers and Landrover have brought concept cars to the school to show the children technological developments.  Windsors of Heswall also invited our children to visit their showroom to demonstrate to how to sell cars.  We utilised these skills back in school as we designed, built and sold our own cars.  We were pictured in the Heswall News and the Heswall Local Magazine.