Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking
What is Drawing and Talking Therapy?

They are child-centered sessions focusing on prevention, early intervention and recovery. Each session is a gentle, non-intrusive method of working with a child who needs a little help to support their emotional and learning needs. It supports children who have suffered trauma or who have underlying emotional difficulties. It also supports children are do not realise their full potential, either academically or socially.


How often will Drawing and Talking Therapy take place?

A trained adult, from school, will work with the child for one 30 minute session every week for twelve weeks.  If we feel the child would benefit from some further sessions we will continue this for a few more weeks to make sure the child gets the best from the therapy.  (Contact will be made with Parent/Carer if this situation arises.)


What happens in the sessions?

The purpose of the Drawing and Talking Session is to encourage the child to draw with a person they feel comfortable with at the same time each week. The trusted adult will ask a number of non-intrusive questions about the drawing and over time the child will open up and discuss the picture and talk about their feelings. It is important that the child sets the pace and decides what to bring to each session. The adult will only discuss what the child wants to discuss. Once a child feels safe, their imagination does begin to unfold. However there are cases where the child does not want to engage, we do keep trying however if the child feels it is not right we will cease the sessions and look at alternative support.




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