Additional Needs

Additional needs at Plus Club Pre-school.

At Plus Club we understand that some children have special educational needs (SEN) or physical disabilities that require increased support and assistance. We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive setting so that the individual needs of all of our children are met and to enable them to reach their potential. We take time to assess the needs of our children throughout their time with us and work in partnership with parents / carers and other professionals in order to provide the best support possible.

When we believe that a child may have additional needs or a disability not yet acknowledged, we will work with parents and other professionals to establish the child’s needs and plan and undertake any action required.

Our SEN co-ordinator is Anita Evans and she will work closely with the child’s key worker, parents/ carers and professionals in order to identify strategies and activities in accordance with the views and aspirations of the child and parent.

Our policies, procedures and practices are in accordance with current legislation and guidance.


Children with English as an additional language.


Plus Club supports children for whom English is an additional language by encouraging expression and creativity through visual activities, stories, music and dance. We liaise with parents and carers to share information and to encourage language development.


Looked after Children


We realise that Looked after Children may have physical and emotional needs that require greater support and understanding in order for them to gain in confidence. We will work closely with parents/ carers and social workers in order to provide a nurturing and enabling environment.