British Values

British Values in Plus Club
British Values have been defined as:
Rule of Law
Individual liberty
Mutual respect
Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.
Here in Plus Club, these values are part and parcel of our daily life, from simple daily acts to larger topics and projects undertaken.
A very simple example of British values in practice is with our sharing of food at snack time. When presented with a large plate of chopped fruit, the children may decide how many pieces of fruit they can take each time (democracy) they then pass the plate round the table (sharing, taking turns) and carefully count out their fruit (rule of law), some of the children help others to count, when they are not yet able to do so themselves. The children are encouraged to say please and thank you, again a simple act of respect.
We also promote British values in many other ways;
Visits around our local area - helping us make links in the local community.
We help guide the children as they learn to manage their behaviour and learn right from wrong.
We discuss and celebrate festivals of various faiths and cultures, for example, Diwali,Chinese New Year, Christmas.
We encourage the children to take part in various charity events to raise money for others.
We help the children to develop as individuals, enabling them to discover what makes them different and similar to each other.
We encourage them to try new activities and develop themselves and their abilities.
We help the children learn to listen to others and respect what they say.
The children are encouraged to be inclusive in their play.