Transition to primary school

Starting Primary School can be a daunting prospect but here at Plus Club we try to ease this process through a variety of ways.  Throughout the summer term we look at "going places" and include days out, holidays and new schools in our play.
The majority of our Plus Club children move up to F2 (reception) class here at Heswall Primary.    To familiarise the children with their new classroom, we will often pop in and have a look at the F2 room whilst the current class are busy elsewhere.  We will also move up to the school dining room for lunch a few times, this will help the children when they start to do full days in school, as the hustle and bustle of the dining room will not be new to them.  A copy of our transition book (shown in the photos above) is available for our children to access in Plus Club.  We will also be holding 3 joint sessions with F2 where the children can meet their teachers and play in their new classroom.
For those children who are moving to another school, we liaise with their new teachers and welcome them to come and visit the child here.