Transition to primary school

For many children and their parents, starting primary school can be a daunting prospect however, here at Plus Club, we ease this process in a variety of ways particuarly in the Summer Term.
The vast majority of our Plus Club children move up to F2 (Reception) class here at Heswall Primary.  To familiarise the children with their new classroom, we often visit the F2 room - sometimes when the existing F2 class are playing outside.  We will also use the school dining room for lunch.  We are the only class that uses it at this time and this helps the children when they start to do full days in schools.   We know that lunch times are one of the new parents' main concerns when they start in F2 - our children are already used to lunch times.  A copy of our transition book (shown in the photos above) is available for our children to access in Plus Club.  We will also be holding 3 joint sessions with F2 where the children can meet their teachers and play in their new classroom.
F2 also share the same playground as us - therefore the children will be very comfortable in their surroundings well before they start in F2 (Reception Class).  We also use the school hall for PE sessions and we love to watch all the amazing productions that are put on in the rest of the school.  We always join with the rest of the infant classes for our Mother's Day Service.