Heswall Primary School Governors
Headteacher: Mr J Lawrenson

Chair of Governors:  Mrs Linda Spall

Vice Chair: Mrs Claire Rick

Parent Governors: Mrs Claire Rick, Miss Charley Alvis, Mr Philip Taylor, Mrs Gill Woodward

Co-opted Governors: Mr John Spofforth,  Mrs Nicola Martin, Mrs Linda Spall, Mr Brendan Nunnery

Staff Governors: Vacancy

Clerks to the Governing Body: Mrs V Eyres
According to Heswall Primary School's Instrument of Government, "The governing body of Heswall Primary School" shall consist of:
a.  4 x parent governors.
b. 1 x local authority governor.
c. 2 x staff governor (including the headteacher).
d. 5 x co-opted governors.
The total number of governors is 12.
This Instrument of Heswall Primary School was made by order of Wirral Local Education Authority on 8th November 2017 and came into effect on 11th November 2017.